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Thursday, July 19, 2012

New School Life

Hello guys. Sorry for not blogging in a very very very very very long time ><. I've been so busy with my life, seriously. School's dull. Lots of homework, exams every week. Sultan's birthday was on the 15th of July. We were there flag waving :D

Starting from left: Nura, Siti, Cassie, Me and Alus

We are having "perayaan" for Sultan's birthday and there was this mini expo on reptiles and arachnids. Scary as hell. But I was brave enough to hold snakes. I find them very cute :3

Snake and I

Yup. This is me. And yes, I've gone a lot fatter now. I'm trying to diet but whenever I see food it's so tempting...

I guess that is all for now. I will try to keep on updating my blog so sorry for the inactivity and stuff :D

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OCT/NOV GCE O'LEVEL results are out.

It's been a while since i actually blogged. After waiting for weeks, O'Level results are finally out today! So this is my result:

BM= 6
ART= 7
POA= 3

Result: 7O's

Hmmm... I'm not satisfied of my Art though. I'm hoping for all credit but my Art just sucks! Sad life. I'm happy with my Maths, Amaths, CS and Commerce. Unbelievable. I've been failing my Amaths for so many times but in the end i got A2. Guess i didn't waste my 2 years of taking it and dropping Geo :D

I guess that's all i'm gonna write today. Hehe.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Long long time ago.

Hello everyone. I'm so so so sorry for not blogging for such a long time. Been busy lately... Exams, problems, games, movies, hanging out.

Today is the first day of our 2nd term of school. And getting back my test papers is really saddening. I was actually disappointed :(. But it was fun to meet all my friends again. So this is my marks.

BM P1- 68%
BM P2- 61.5%
Eng P1- 36/60
Eng P2- 28/50
Maths P1- 69/80
Maths P2- 74/100
Amaths P1- 36/80
Amaths P2- 29/80
C.S Biology P1- 10/13
C.S Biology P2- 18/33
Principal of Accounts P1- 17/30
Principal of Accounts P2- 67.5%
Elements of Commerce P1- 58.5%
Elements of Commerce P2(Business Maths)- 81%

P.S. Im gonna post the final mark soon.

The papers that haven't been given back are C.S Chemistry, C.S Physics and Art P1, Art P2 and Art P4.

So basically the combined science(C.S) papers are combined. If my Chemistry is poor, it will pull down my Biology and Physics too. Same thing goes for Art papers too. Sucks to be me. If i don't get 4 credits, i'm going to fail and wont be sitting for Nov O'lvl examination. I have 3 credits now. Let's hope i can get another 4 credits.

Holiday was... Ok for me. Went to Bandar(Mall, JP, Empire). That's all!

Mall is like usual. Shopping, watch movie. JP is TOTALLY ****ING boring and ****ing expensive. Empire was kinda fun. BSP Emblem Party was held in Empire. Charlene and her brother will be alone as the parents will attending the Party. I went there with Brad and Ameilia. We had a good time swimming :D and went to Cheezbox for Dinner. We watched Sucker Punch. Quite a funny and weird movie.

Those are the things that i remember. I've got nothing to say now........................................................... OH!!! You should try the French Vanilla in DQ. It's addictive isn't it? Well. It is for me. :P

French Vanilla from DQ

So.. I guess that's all for today. Gonna blog some more soon :)

The current fat me.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone :D

Happy Chinese New Year :)
Sorry for not blogging for a long time.